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Big Backpack

Passion, movement, lifestyle

Backpack: waterproof backpack/airbag

The Backpack is a waterproof and inflatable backpack that protects everything you want to carry with you.

A practical and comfortable technical accessory with padded and adjustable shoulder straps, waterproof zips and large, super-functional external and internal pockets.

Each backpack is waterproof for dives of up to 7 metres’ depth.

It can be inflated through the external valve and used as a float, airbag or travel cushion.

The Backpack is available in two versions, Big and Small, which differ in some details.

The Big Backpack, is a backpack that is perfect for those who do (extreme) sports, travel, hiking, etc. while the Small Backpack, being smaller in size, fits more to an urban lifestyle, designed for going about the city between work, school, travel, etc.

The Big Backpack, in fact, has additional features that the Small Backpack does not have: the back of the Big Backpack is in comfort design, padded, to ensure maximum comfort even with a full load. In the Big Backpack, there are side pockets for items and water, while the external pocket on the back is waterproof and anti-theft, for the protection of valuables during your travels.

The shoulder straps, both on the Small Backpack and the Big Backpack, are interchangeable and padded, to ensure maximum comfort.

Each shoulder strap has a load capacity of 15 kg and both backpacks can also be worn with just one shoulder strap, turning the backpack into a unisex shoulder bag.

The waterproof backpack for your passions

You can wear the Backpack wherever and however you want, depending on your lifestyle: as a handy travel bag, but also as a beach bag or backpack on the motorbike.

It all depends on what you want to do and your needs.

Choose the model and colour that best suits your personality!