N15 Bag – N15Bag

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N15 Bag

The N15 Bag is ultra-strong, 100% waterproof and light as the air.

Our new N15 AIR BAGS are waterproof bags that allow you to take everything you need with you, anywhere and even in extreme conditions.

The bag is made of heat-sealed PVC, a material that is sturdy, lightweight and highly recyclable. Our packaging, reusable as a travel bag, is made of 100% recycled PVC.

The N15 Bag is resistant to water, impact, sand and moisture. In the new autumn/winter 2019 collection, full zip diving has been introduced in all bags, completely airtight, which simplifies and ensures the opening and closing of the bags and makes the product 100% waterproof.

An innovative waterproof bag

N15 Bag is different from any other bag:

  • The technical details are designed to 100% protect the contents inside
  • All the hinges are diving, completely hermetic and waterproof
  • 100% waterproof and waterproof: it floats when it is swollen and you can immerse it under water without the risk of wetting its interior.
  • When inflated, the N15 Bag resists any impact, just like an airbag, ensuring total protection not only of the contents inside it but also of the user himself.

the inflation valve

To transform the N15 Bag into a float, simply blow inside the valve located on the front of the bag.

The valve has been designed to inflate the bag easily, with a gentle puff and without much effort.

If the valve remains open, the internal hermetic membrane does not release the air and the bag does not deflate.

The membrane also prevents the passage of water inside the air chamber and the formation of humidity.

Thus, you can inflate the N15 Bag even when you are in the water, the sea, the pool or in the rain.

You can also use the bag as a soft headrest cushion.

Deflating the N15 Bag is simple: it is not necessary to empty it, just open the whole valve and exert a slight pressure in the center.

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